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Who we are

The Allergy Support Hub (ASH) is a for purpose organisation which provides frontline support for Allergic individuals and their families. ASH was started out of an identified need for support services that provide direct social and emotional help to individuals with a diagnosed Allergy and their families. International research indicates that people living with an Allergic condition may experience stress and anxiety associated with the daily management of one - or often multiple Allergies, including Anaphylaxis - which then impacts that individual and their families quality of life.

What we do

We deliver frontline services to support Allergic Individuals and their families: We understand the complexities, stress and anxiety and lifestyle changes that can be associated with managing allergies. Our large range of services are aimed at connecting families, addressing the emotional side of allergies, helping with day to day allergy management and assisting children and teens to understand and manage their own allergies.


Counselling with Psychologist


Family Workshops


Drop-in group sessions


Resource centre


Peer Support


Training courses


Guest Speakers


Allergy Awareness

Latest News


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Family Fun Day!

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ASH Update

Allergy Support Hub is almost ready to open. Painting has been completed and now fitting out our new home is...

ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis

SCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis have been developed as a concise and easy to follow, single page document to assist...

Allergy Support Hub  is a registered health promotion charity.