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Christmas Recipes

Christmas baking can be wonderful! Fun with the kids in the kitchen, yummy smelling treats, Christmas carols blaring. That is the ideal, although there is usually a point of craziness where kids are throwing food everywhere and the mess is beyond belief!  Christmas baking has changed a fair bit in our house now we are…

Epipen Storage

How do you store your epipens? What do you see as the most important aspect of their storage? Do they need to be kept cool? Does any heat or cold affect them? We were fortunate enough to meet with the WA reps for Mylan recently and we used the opportunity to quiz them on a…

Birthday parties – Post 1

Can birthday parties still be fun? Hands up if you love birthday parties! I know I love a good party! What about now that you are managing allergies? One of the first things that comes up when talking to individuals with allergies or families managing allergies are birthday parties. They use to be a source…

ASH Update

Allergy Support Hub is almost ready to open. Painting has been completed and now fitting out our new home is underway. Get ready to pay us a visit.

ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis

SCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis have been developed as a concise and easy to follow, single page document to assist in emergency treatment of anaphylaxis… Read full post here:¬†