Family Workshops

Our family workshops provide an opportunity for your whole family to come along and learn about allergies and allergic conditions and connect with other families going through the same experiences.

Workshops are run on a Saturday morning and include an allergy friendly morning tea. Each workshop will focus on a specific allergic condition (food allergies, eczema, asthma, FPIES, allergic rhinitis) and age groups.

The workshops will differ a little depending on the condition, in general they will include;

Topics for parents

  • Empowering children to participate in allergy management
  • Communicating with your child about their allergies
  • Helping your child to manage the emotional side of allergies
  • Assistance with managing the day to day with allergic conditions
  • Developing effective allergy management plans
  • Sharing challenges and useful strategies with others

Opportunities for children

  • Meeting and interacting with other children managing allergies
  • Share experiences and feelings about allergies
  • Having fun with art projects and books
  • Enjoying games and activities about managing allergic conditions
  • Help understanding and managing allergies