To assist with the day to day management of allergies and help with improving the quality of life of those diagnosed with and managing allergies we will be running regular 1-2 hour allergy management seminars. Our seminars are focus on specific topics related to allergies and allergy management. They provide practical guidance to assist you in your allergy journey.

Topics will include;

  • Newly diagnosed
  • Communicating positively with children about allergies
  • Building resilience in children with allergies
  • Communicating about allergies to family and others
  • Managing social events
  • Allergy management plans
  • Anxiety management for allergies
  • Starting school (kindergarten aged children)
  • Starting high school
  • Allergy management for children (5-12)
  • Allergy management for teens (12-16)
  • Allergy management for young adults (17-21)