Allergy Support Hub provides a low-cost counselling service with a psychologist for individuals and families who may be experiencing anxiety, depression or high levels of stress as a result of managing allergic conditions.

Managing allergic conditions, from food allergies, to asthma or eczema, can be very complex and difficult. A certain amount of anxiety can be useful to remain on alert to potential allergens. When this anxiety starts to impact you or your child’s day to day life, then it can be helpful to talk it through and develop coping strategies.

Know that you are not alone! Families, children and adults managing allergic conditions have been found to have higher rates of anxiety and depression than the general population, as a direct result of managing allergies.

If you, or your child has been experiencing any of these issues, please email us on to arrange an appointment:

  • Feeling unhappy, moody or irritable
  • Avoiding social interactions
  • Uncontrollable worry about allergic conditions and/or everyday situations
  • Change in sleeping habits
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Periods of intense fear or anxiety
  • Feelings of panic
  • Unwarranted thoughts and fears
  • Negative or ‘down about yourself’ thoughts
  • Changes in appetite, eating habits or weight
  • Losing pleasure in activities you once enjoyed

If you are in an emotional crisis and require immediate support please call: