Postcards to the community

ASH Food Allergy Week Campaign

We spend most of our time at ASH providing services to the community. However, also have a passion for spreading awareness of allergies and allergic conditions. This year we want to personalise our awareness campaign and send your messages to the community from the community. We are calling it – Postcards to the community.

The idea sprung up from our recent school holiday workshop. The “postcards to the community” page encouraged the kids to explore what they would like others to know about allergies or things people could do to make them feel safe and included. They LOVED this activity!! So we thought why not actually share these messages with the community!

We would love to hear your messages to the community. Postcards from children, parents, families, adults, anyone living with an allergic condition and their families are all welcome. We will share them with during Food Allergy Week 21st-27th May. There are a couple of ways to fill them out;

  1. Download the pdf – print it out, write a message on a postcard, take a picture of it and send it back to us
  2. Send us your message directly and we will add it to a postcard for you
  3. If you have fancy tech, download the image/pdf and fill it out on your ipad or computer and send it back to us

They can be sent to or through messaging on our social media accounts. Postcards can be signed or anonymous, feel free to add your age or state or whatever info you would like to sign off with. We can’t wait to see your messages and share them!

Then share on your social media and tag us and #postcardstothecommunity #foodallergyweek

Added bonus they can be used as thank you cards for those amazing allergy allies in your life.

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